Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dal Ghost (Mutton in Tangy Tuvar Dal Gravy) - Non Vegeterian

Married to Andhrite, makes me slip on the tangy and spicy foods more than anyone else in my family.Specially when the Delhi temperature dips, there is nothing more cosy than a high spicy food.This adventure is only frequented on Sundays, when we have the time to experiment.

I have been reading a lot about Dal-Ghost but have been avoiding it as a " tangy lamb " was somehow not exciting my taste buds. With all courage, I was totally take for the surprise that was in store when I finally made it.Not sure, if its for novelty or its genuine existence, somehow its become a recent visitor at home.

The only thing to take care is to avoid adding the tamarind and salt in the initial stages. Tamarind slows the cooking process and salt removes the water content from the lamb which could lead to hardening of the lamb pieces.Its important that the water content is retained in them.Although when I first tried this I was sure to follow the procedure exactly,which means cook Dal and the mutton in turns and not together, but when you are running short of time, you can cook them together atleast I did not see any change in either the aroma or the taste.Only the display might show some change in consistency, but that acceptable.

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